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The Rachel’s List Code of Ethics has been designed to outline the company identity, reputation and brand through our ethics and values. Having such a code informs the world about who we are, lets our publics know what we stand for, and lets potential clients and employees know what to expect through our business dealings with them. While some companies use codes as a moral compass for employees Rachel’s List code is written from the stand that our employees are of the highest calibre and already employ ethical behavior. Available on the website, as well as given out during employee inductions, the code has predominantly been written to inform our publics; colleagues, contractors, clients and the community we inhabit, about the way we conduct ourselves in our working relationships and how, following the Golden Rule, we in return expect to be dealt with.

However, given that Rachel’s List expects its employees to ‘live by this code’ when it is annually reviewed it will be done so with all employees present. Having agreed to it, written it, owned it this code will then be enforceable by senior management with potential penalties including termination of employment. Should an employee disagree, or feel the need to complain about a course of action that cannot be resolved informally then a written account should be submitted to the Rachel’s List management board with a request to investigate and or review the matter, as applicable, as swiftly as possible. It is also important to recognise that as the way we do business changes, the ways in which we communicate, i.e. the arrival of social media does too. Therefore our Code of Ethics is a living document that will be regularly reviewed to reflect the changes of the world it inhabits and the demands placed on it.

  1. RACHEL’S LIST is open, honest and transparent in the way we do business between our Job Posters and Job Seekers.
  2. There is no place for dishonesty, even with a potential ‘greater good’ defence. This includes exaggerating our abilities or knowingly misrepresenting a client’s product or service.
  3. RACHEL’S LIST will safeguard confidentiality and privacy about both present and former clients, except as required by law.
  4. Intellectual property will be respected akin to physical property.
  5. Personal responsibility, accountability and trust will be at the heart of every action and communication.
  6. RACHEL’S LIST is committed to every client’s success and mutually beneficial relationships with freelance creatives. RACHEL’S LIST will avoid conflict and remain vigilant against compromise.
  7. RACHEL’S LIST complies with all laws and regulations that apply to our clients, our industry and professional bodies.
  8. RACHEL’S LIST is committed to ethical hiring practices – leaving no room for any form of intimidation or prejudice.
  9. RACHEL’S LIST will promote high standards of practice by investing in professional development.
  10. RACHEL’S LIST will be vigilant against misrepresenting the Media, PR and or Advertising industry and expects the same fair play from Job Posters, Job Seekers. Nor will it cause clients or freelancers to compromises their integrity or personal ethics.
  11. RACHEL’S LIST employees and representatives shall avoid conduct or practices likely to bring discredit upon themselves or clients.