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Frequently Asked Questions

Job Seekers

What is Rachel’s List?

We’re a jobs board and community for freelance journalists, content writers, copywriters, editors, social media specialists, PR people and other kinds of creatives from around Australia.

The jobs board is also a place where you can find the best writers in Australia (if we do say so ourselves). We connect businesses big and small with our incredible pool of talent, and our jobs board is widely known as a great, easy way to find the person you need – fast.

Who is behind Rachel’s List?

The List was founded by freelance journalist, copywriter and content writer Rachel Smith, who now runs it with her small freelance team.

Why do you pre-approve job-seekers joining the List?

We vet all freelancers joining our site because we want to ensure jobs are going to experienced journalists, copywriters, content writers and other creatives – AND because we want to make life easier on our time-poor job-posters. Instead of posting a job and wading through hundreds of unsuitable applicants, job-posers can tap into a small but stellar database of applicants they could potentially hire right away. That’s gold, right?

What’s the process for a job-seeker to join Rachel’s List?

Register as a new user on our login page, and fill in your bio with your LinkedIn or website so we can check out your work history and examples of your paid work. Once approved, you can stay as a free member and receive job headlines, or opt for monthly Gold membership ($14.50/month*) or annual Gold membership ($115.50/year*). *Including GST.

Does Gold membership include access to the FB Gold group?

Yes - both annual and monthly membership includes access to the FB group. It’s a friendly, bustling group where you can meet other writers, talk shop, and share your wins. It’s also a valuable space for getting answers to all your tricky questions around client management or dealing with editors. AND it’s another place you can pick up #overflowwork from other members.

I don’t need Gold membership but I just saw a job I want!

No problem. If you’re an approved job-seeker, click on any job and follow the prompts to purchase a Gold key ($30.50* inc GST). This opens the jobs board for 24 hours, enabling you to view and apply for any jobs during that time. Can graduates with zero experience join Rachel’s List?

We have a free entry level list you can join, and we send entry level jobs right to your inbox. Once you start to get some paid work under your belt (at least 3 clippings of paid work), you can come back to us to go onto the main list on the website.

Can graduates with zero experience join Rachel’s List?

We have a free entry level list you can join, and we send entry level jobs right to your inbox. Once you start to get some paid work under your belt (at least 3 clippings of paid work), you can come back to us to go onto the main list on the website.

I applied for a job using the form on the job page. How do I know it has reached the job poster?

If, after you hit ‘submit’ on your application, you reached a thank you screen with a green tick, that shows your application has gone through. You’ll also receive an email from us titled, ‘Your job application has been received’. If neither of these things happen, the site may have timed out during your application. We recommend logging out and logging back in again and re-applying for the job.

I need to upgrade to Gold membership but my card keeps getting rejected – help.

Sorry! Please try these steps:

  1. Log into the site with your email + password
  2. Click on dashboard (top right)
  3. Click on the ‘membership payments’ tab
  4. Where it says ‘Got a new credit card?’ click to enter the card you want to use and save it
  5. Go back to the main ‘membership payments’ tab and pay for Gold membership.
How do I cancel my Gold membership?

Go to your dashboard and the ‘membership payments’ tab and click ‘cancel auto-renew’. Or, you can contact us and we’ll cancel it for you.

You never told me you were taking another membership payment!

We do notify you multiple times when you take out Gold membership about how it is a recurring payment (either monthly or annually). We also send reminders 30 days before your Gold membership renews, with instructions on how you can opt out. You’re able to cancel via your dashboard or by contacting us BUT this step does require you to read your emails. (We can’t make you read your emails; this one’s on you).

While we do our darndest to keep you informed about how you can manage your Gold membership, we realise things happen, payments go through, emails may end up in spam. And we’re very nice people so if you approach us nicely, we’ll see what we can do to refund it (as long as it’s within a reasonable time frame of the payment being taken).

Do you accept guest posts for your Friday blog?

We occasionally commission Friday posts from Rachel’s List members. If you have an idea you think might work (that we haven’t covered), please pitch it to us.

I’m having log-in dramas.

Argh. We hate that. Here’s our check list of things to try:

  • Are you logging in with the email you registered with? Some members do have multiple accounts so that’s the first thing to try.
  • Do you have the right password, or have you done a password reset?
  • If you’re not getting the password reset emails, have you checked your spam folder? (Sometimes our site monkeys put it in the wrong place - sorry.)
  • Have you rebooted your computer or tried another browser?
  • If you’ve done all this and it’s STILL not working please get in touch with us via our contact form and we’ll sort you out.

Job Posters

What do you charge to post a job?

We offer two types of job postings: a 30-day listing for perm, part-time or ongoing freelance jobs ($155*). We also have a short gig, 10-day listing ($55*). Once posted and paid, your role will go up on our jobs board, be beamed out across our social media channels and sent to thousands of Rachel’s List members via our newsletters so they can apply to you directly. *Including GST.

What gets freelancers applying to job and gig ads?

In our experience, a job ad that gets results has:

  • Remote / flexible working arrangements
  • Transparency on pay rates / salary
  • Pay that reflects the experience of the ad (ie not paying junior rates for a senior position)
  • A realistic job spec / project scope
  • Tests (if required) that are paid
  • Highlighting good benefits (if applicable)

For more info on job ads and the survey results we did on this topic, read this blog post.

Will you write my job ad for me?

Absolutely! Just send us an email with what you need and we’ll draft an ad for you to approve.

How can I find out what to pay a freelancer?

Please download our FREE pay rates report – it’s packed with suggested rates for all kinds of creative freelance projects.

I don’t have time to reply to all my applicants!

We do feel it’s good practice (and courteous) to reply to everyone who’s taken the time to answer your ad, but if you’re not able to, please get in touch with us and our VA will do this for you.

Do you offer bulk job-postings at a discount?

Yep! You’ll find all the details when posting a job or gig, or you can buy multiple tokens in your dashboard.

I bought a bulk pack of tokens but aren’t sure how many I have left.

Simply head to your dashboard and click the ‘your orders’ tab, or contact us and we’ll find the info for you.

Do you offer banner ad spots?

We offer banner ads in our Friday newsletter, The Wrap-Up, and limited ads on our socials. Check out the Toolkit for more info.

I need to hire a writer but can only offer exposure or links back to their site. Will you still post it?

If you’re not able to pay writers for content it’s best to advertise elsewhere, as job-seekers here are professionals used to being paid reasonable rates for their work. It’s kind of like telling a plumber you won’t be paying him for the work he did unblocking your drains, but you’ll be sure to tell all your mates what a fine job he did. Probably wouldn’t fly, right?

I do pay writers but I can’t pay market rates.

You’re still welcome to post your job, but we reserve the right to let the job-seekers know that the job pays under market rates.

I need to find a paid intern or junior writer. Can I post on your entry level list?

Yes, please go through the usual job-posting channels to purchase a token and post your job or gig. We’ll automatically send any junior or entry level positions to our entry level list, and it’ll also appear on the main website jobs board.

Who’s used Rachel’s List to post jobs?

To date we’ve posted jobs from Australian Good Taste, Australian Traveller, AUSTAR, Better Homes & Gardens, B&T Magazine, BigSplash Media, Citrus Media, Cumberland Courier Newspapers, delicious, DOLLY, donna hay, Gardening Australia, Executive PA Magazine, GQ, Good Food Mag, Grazia, Handyman Magazine, Healthsmart, Healthy Food Guide, Hardie Grant, Home Beautiful, John Wiley & Sons, marie claire, Medical Observer, MindFOOD, Money Management, OUTthere Magazine, Popsugar Australia, Prevention, Readers Digest, Shop Til You Drop, Signature Media, Studio One Networks, Sydney Film Festival, Super Food Ideas, Sunday Style, The Knot, The Sydney Morning Herald, Vogue Living, Who Magazine, Woman’s Day, Yen Magazine and many, many more.

How do you manage disputes between job-posters and freelancers?

Tricky one, because like most jobs boards, Rachel’s List is only a conduit between job-seekers and job-posters. As the communications between the two groups take place off-site, there’s no way for us to arbitrate disputes between parties, but the MEAA’s legal dept may be able to help.