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Rachel’s List is a fast, easy way to hire approved freelance writers and other creatives from Sydney, Melbourne and around Australia.

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We have thousands of pre-vetted job-seekers seeking freelance and permanent roles. Our content writers, journalists, editors, copywriters, social media writers, PRs, media advisors, proofreaders, designers and other creatives are based all over Australia… and waiting to work with YOU.

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posting a writing or content job is easy on rachels list
posting a writing or content job is easy on rachels list
posting a writing or content job is easy on rachels list
posting a writing or content job is easy on rachels list

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We make hiring freelancers a breeze.

Maybe you’re a busy magazine or online editor with looming deadlines. Or a small business, agency or government department with an urgent project.

We get it. For over 15 years, we’ve been helping job-posters find approved freelance content writers, copywriters, journalists, editors, sub-editors, proofreaders, photographers, social media managers, PR consultants and other creatives.

If you’re wondering who’s behind Rachel’s List, watch the video to meet Rachel herself and find out more about how we can help you.


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“The quality of candidates
is exceptional
Peter Lynch, publisher,
Big Splash Media
“The List has been an absolutely
invaluable tool
for me to find star employees for short and long term projects.”
Michelle Hespe,
Publishing by Chelle
“The process, was seamless, well priced,
and we had great applicants come straight through to us shortly after placing the ad.”
Andrew Frayne,
90 Seconds
Within 30 minutes, I received emails
from several highly qualified candidates
– and they just kept rolling in.”
Amy Birchall, Founder and Director,
Mint Content
Fantastic quality of candidates
and we filled the position within
24 hours
Clare Murphy,
Content Empire
“Far and away superior to other recruitment sites I’ve tried. The customer service is also unbelievably good.“
Paul Mitchell,
Women in Pop


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