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Content producers and writers

The key to engaging written content, video or images

If you’re looking to build trust with your audience and / or position your brand as an authority, you need a content strategy and the right person to help you execute it. Typically, you’ll use content to inform, educate or entertain your customers (so they’ll hopefully come back and eventually buy).

Whether you're looking for a content producer in Sydney, Melbourne or a regional / remote location, you'll find experienced freelancers at Rachel's List who are ready to hit the ground running. Content producers and writers typically have a mix of skills, which may include writing, video, SEO and social. A digital content producer will have a big picture view for strategy and a knack for multimedia content and platforms. A content writer is likely to be more adept at writing blog posts, content marketing pieces, ghost writing and editing existing content.

  • Blog posts, content marketing articles, ghost-writing
  • Devising content marketing strategies
  • Writing email newsletters / campaigns
  • Writing how-to articles or list blogs
  • Interviewing experts and customers
  • Creating blog banners or social images
  • Repurposing content into infographics, scripts and social

Hiring a content producer or writer - FAQs

I need blog posts and social media posts. Should I hire a content writer?

Many content writers are happy to write social media captions which promote blog content they have written for you. Others love to help out with banners, graphics and social media collateral alongside their writing skills. Getting clear on exactly what you need, however, is the first step. For example, do you want social media posts which promote blog content? Or do you need someone to set up, strategise, create and schedule your social media content - and possibly handle the community management and engagement side of things as well? If it’s the first option, mention in your ad you’re looking to hire a content writer to write a series of blog posts and coinciding social media captions. If it’s the latter, we recommend you advertise for two separate gigs: 1) a content writer and 2) a social media manager.

I want to hire a content producer / content writer but not sure how to write the ad or brief?

Our job ad template is really easy to complete and we’ll prompt you along the way. We recommend including the scope of work which covers if it’s ongoing work or just one-off, the project time frame and the industry or area of expertise. If writing isn't your forte and you'd like us to help you with the ad, we can easily do that - simply drop us a line via the contact form at the bottom of the page, and we'll come right back to you.

Does a content producer / writer have SEO knowledge?

There are many variables to successful on-page SEO and an experienced content producer / writer should have keyword research skills and a good knowledge of building out meta descriptions. (A meta description is the wording and code which search engines crawl to make sure the article is of interest to the reader). Once again, be clear in your ad on Rachel’s List and let freelancers know you’re looking to hire a content producer with SEO knowledge or even better consider hiring a SEO copywriter. Setting this expectation from the start will mean you’re more likely to receive applicants with the expertise you need.

How much would I expect to pay a content producer?

Depending on the freelancer’s experience and expertise, rates do vary for content work. A suggested hourly rate for a content writer is $50-$75 per hour. A basic but well researched blog post could set you back $200-300 per post. For more intensive research, writing, SEO or technical topics you could pay upwards of $500 per blog. A digital content producer who has a knack for overarching strategy will most likely provide package rates.

What's the difference between a content writer and a journalist?

A journalist produces articles and features for print and digital industries. Having said that, many journalists have transferred their writing skills to include content writing. A good content writer can research and write on a variety of topics – and undertake a range of digital writing tasks. Think blog posts, content marketing, ghost-writing, editing existing content, penning product descriptions or writing newsletter content. If you’re unsure about who you’re looking for, you can always email us your brief and we’ll help you nut it out (and even write your ad for you).

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