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Social media managers and writers

Social content, metrics and community management

Looking to hand your socials over to a professional so you have more time to work on your business? Tap into our database to find an experienced social media manager who uses up- to-date, best-practice strategies to build your social media presence.

Social media freelancers are varied in expertise. There are community managers who monitor social media channels and engage with customers - think FB messaging, group management and Instagram DMs. Specialist digital social media managers devise social strategy, write and schedule posts, curate social channels and analyse metrics. Social media writers are more about snazzy, short-form writing. You can outsource any or all of the following:

  • Writing short-form social posts with effective hashtags
  • Content strategy and planning ahead
  • Social media scheduling using tools such as Buffer
  • Creating images in Canva, resizing for all channels
  • Monitoring social media metrics and insights
  • Community & group management
  • Manage DMs, customer messaging and engagement

Hiring a social media manager - FAQs

Why should I hire a social media manager?

Social media is here to stay - and many small businesses are starting to realise just how time-consuming it is to maintain brand visibility on social. That's where a freelance social media manager or social media writer can take the pressure off. It's an investment in your business and can take the stress off your plate (particularly if you were managing socials yourself). A social media manager will devise a social strategy, write and schedule eye-catching and engaging posts, curate your social channels and analyse metrics, helping your brand stay visible and bring traffic to your site.

What’s the difference between a content specialist/producer and a social media manager?

A content specialist is someone who writes and produces a variety of long form content including blogs, content marketing and newsletters. A social media manager is dedicated to the social media space and has a mixed bag of skills including social media strategy, writing, design, image sourcing, curating posts and insights.

I’m happy to manage my socials and schedule posts but I’m not so great with words. Is it possible to hire a social media writer?

We get it. Many SMEs don’t have a marketing budget, let alone money leftover for social media. For many, the first step to outsourcing is with writing - so why not outsource all of your short-form caption writing to a social media writer. If you can manage it, though, we recommend outsourcing the whole lot and hire a social media manager to do all the planning, designing, writing and scheduling. That way, you can work on your business, and the social media manager can work behind the scenes in enhancing your social media presence.

How much would I expect to pay a social media writer and social media manager?

Expect to pay anywhere between $60-110/hour for a social media writer, $80-110/hr for a social media strategist, and $80-150/hr for a social media manager manager. For more social media manager and writing prices, download our Pay Rates Report.

Are there social media freelancers who specialise in Instagram and Facebook for Business?

Absolutely. And it doesn’t end there. Social media freelancers more than often manage several platforms, and of course, it really depends on your business needs. Not into TikTok? No worries, you’ll find a social media manager for other platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook (now known as Meta). Instagram managers are likely to be savvy at creating various content for your business feed, including posts, stories and reels. You’ll also find freelancers to support your business on Facebook with a more customer-service type skillset which may include social media posting, community and group management and customer messaging.

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