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Corporate video producers and video editors

Create exciting, polished video for your site or socials

Need help with turning raw video into a polished end product? A freelance video editor is a talented storyteller who uses video, images, graphics, scripts and sound to create a final film or video product for your website. Video content will be ready for broadcasting to any number of platforms including IG, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube and Vimeo. A video producer with editing skills may also be the perfect fit for producing corporate videos, educational how-to series and brand promotions. When you hire a video editor or producer to produce content for your brand, you’ll find the may do any or all of the following:

  • Produce short, cutting-edge video content
  • Work on long-form video series, or entire films
  • Make explainer videos, corporate videos,
  • Produce YouTube video series
  • Create dynamic video content for social platforms and ads
  • Capture and create IG Reel and IG Story content
  • Create animations, timelapse or stop-motion videos
  • Correct lighting, colours and defective footage
  • Source or create graphics, special effects, royalty-free music
  • Create dynamic video content for social media campaigns
  • Capture and create IG Reel and IG Story content
  • Format and brand existing corporate content and share on socials
  • FX, sound mixing and motion graphics

Hiring a video editor - FAQs

What can I expect to pay a video editor?

Rates vary for freelance video editors. Someone who has a couple of years experience and is still developing their style may charge around $50-70 an hour. For an experienced video editor or producer who has worked with a variety of clients, has professional equipment, produces FX and motion graphics you can expect to pay $100-150 an hour. Always ask prospective freelances for a link to their showreel as this will give you a snapshot of their work to date.

When looking for a video editor, is there software they should be proficient with?

A professional editor will have a chosen editing software. This may include Adobe Premiere Pro, Avid and Final Cut Pro. You might also find a freelancer who uses other editing software, and depending on the effects and the detail of your needs, we’d recommend asking your shortlist for a showreel to demonstrate their experience and flair.

What’s the difference between a video producer and video editor?

Sometimes there is crossover with roles or what freelancers may call themselves. We like to think of it this way:

A video producer will have expertise in the whole production process including storyboarding and bringing together a crew for filming if need be. They may hire an editor for post-production, or complete the project themselves.

A video editor, whilst having knowledge of the production phase, will specialise in post-production and will edit already captured or available content (photos, footage, graphics).

We have the assets including access to images and videos. Is it possible for a video editor to create a corporate / educational video with what we have on hand?

Absolutely! A professional video editor will be able to piece together your library of existing assets to produce video content for your website and socials. Just keep in mind, you may need additional assets such as a voice-over, additional graphics, stock photos or videos and royalty-free music; all of which a professional video editor can find for you.

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