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Editors and proofreaders

For error-free words, polished to perfection

Professional editing and proofreading is an essential part of the puzzle if you’re in the business of publishing words. Our editors and proofreaders have magazine experience, may work in book publishing, in content agencies or solely work as freelancers for online publications. There are also lots of freelance editors out there with a varied range of roles including commission editors, managing editors, manuscript editors, white-paper proofreaders, editorial assistants and sub-editors.

The type of freelancer you need may depend on where in the writing process you are - but you can be assured when you hire an editing and proofreading expert, you’ll boost the professionalism of the entire project.

Here’s just a sample of the types of editors & proofreaders you can hire through us:

  • Book editors, who edit/refine on manuscripts
  • Managing editors, who oversee the content process
  • Commissioning editors, who plan stories and hire writers
  • Sub-editors, who fact-check and copy-fit layouts
  • Proof-readers, who do final checks on documents
  • Editorial assistants, who work in print at a junior level
  • Editors and proof-readers for online articles
  • Writing-editors who offer both skill sets
  • Freelancers who specialise in proofreading and editing services

Hiring a proof-reader - FAQs

What’s the difference between editing and proofreading?

When it comes to publishing content of any kind (print or online), the editor’s job is to improve a piece of writing by tweaking the structure, tone, style and flow. An editor can advise you on the development of your theme, characterisation and the overall feel of the text / article / book. A good editor will also collate a style sheet and corrects grammar, spelling, formatting and styling.

Proofreaders are hired to go through a piece of writing (usually at the final stages) with a fine tooth-comb, checking for typos and correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, word choices, fact checking and formatting.

What are the various editorial roles and how do they differ?

Some editors work on magazines, newspapers and digital sites; others specialise in editing book manuscripts, with many types of specialist editors in between. A sub-editor or copy-editor typically subs digital stories or works on magazine or newspaper layouts (checking facts, copy-fitting stories and adding heads, sells, captions etc). Others have transferred their skills over to digital publishing platforms. An editorial assistant typically works in print and is at a more junior level.

How much would I expect to pay a proofreader?

The fees and rates for proofreaders do tend to vary. In our Pay Rates Report (free to download) we recommend paying anywhere from $50 to $75 an hour, but again, experience and proficiency is the key to determining this rate.

I’ve written a book and need a proof-reader. Will I find a freelancer for this on Rachel’s List?

Absolutely! You’ve come to the right place. If you’ve completed your first draft and need support in refining the book and making sure you’ve nailed your ideas and theme, consider hiring an editor first to make sure you’re on the right path. You may, however, be confident with your final draft and in this instance, advertising a proofreading gig with us is your next step.

How much would I expect to pay an editor?

Project fees and hourly rates are common with editorial freelancers. Expect to pay an editor $80-120 per hour depending on their experience. A sub-editor will charge on average $50-60 per hour.

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