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PR consultants and communications specialists

Outsource brand management, PR campaigns and more

Need to strategically communicate your brand out into the marketplace? Have an amazing story that you know will enhance your business but are not sure how to make it newsworthy? A freelance PR consultant can enhance your brand with strategic media reach out, PR campaigns of all sizes, editorial promotions and corporate communications. Post a job or gig and tap into our talented database of communication specialists and expert PR consultants. They can fulfill tasks that include:

  • Writing fresh, original media releases
  • Supplying media lists, distribution and follow-up
  • Planning and executing PR campaigns of all sizes
  • Liaising with journalists & photographers
  • Corporate communications
  • Editorial reach out and promotions
  • Executing product and business launch events
  • Forming media partnerships
  • Liaising with journalists for editorial features
  • Shaping / enhancing / promoting the company’s image
  • Influencer marketing
  • Providing PR crisis management
  • Working on internal comms strategies / branding / annual reports

Hiring a PR consultant - FAQs

I have a media kit and branding assets. How much will a PR charge to send this out to their media list?

It’s fantastic you have a media kit and marketing collateral. PR costs vary, and some freelance PRs will want to be involved in the media campaign strategy rather than just sending your media kit to their media list. We recommend you hire a PR consultant for a specific campaign so that they can devise a strategy which will have some impact for you, and ideally help you get coverage on the channels you're targeting.

What can I expect to pay a PR consultant?

PR rates vary extensively. Some PRs charge hourly rates, while others charge monthly. If you’re looking at hiring a freelance PR consultant, it is important to remember that you are paying not only for their expertise but for their rapport and connections within the media. For this reason, many PRs charge per media campaign (which includes research, strategy, media release distribution and follow up, interview and photo-shoot set-ups). There’s so much potential in PR, it really is about what you need and how much you want to spend. Engaging a PR agency can be costly and in excess of $10k however smaller agencies charge less and may offer fixed rates for certain things such as media releases, distribution and follow-up - or for smaller campaigns.

What is the difference between public relations and corporate communications?

These roles are often grouped together and both have crossover. A PR consultant works as the middle person between an organisation and the public, helping to enhance a company or brand’s image, often through placement of positive media coverage. As a corporate communications specialist, the role encompasses both internal (corporate messaging and inter-department comms) and external communications.

I’m launching my business but don’t have the media connections. Can a freelance PR help me?

If your business has a unique story, a PR consultant will be able to create a campaign that creates some buzz for your business launch. It’s really important you set realistic expectations with your PR or communications freelancer. After all, their connections are on the line! It’s rare for a new business to get televised media exposure, however, a PR consultant can utilise their network to help secure online or print exposure for your business. A freelance PR can also help you create an event for your launch - and if you’re lucky, with local media presence.

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