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Journalists and editorial staff

Experienced editorial & journalism freelancers for your magazine or website

Finding the right freelance journalist or editorial staff to join your team – either in-house or remotely – can be tricky. The good news is, thousands of talented, pre-approved job-seekers with experience in print and digital can be found at Rachel’s List. It's an affordable option for any business to hire a journalist or writer for any size project.

You don't have to be a magazine or publishing house to hire a journalist. There are plenty of SMEs and brands who benefit from hiring skilled journalists & writers to enhance their website content, marketing collateral, newsletters, white papers and corporate publications. Here's some freelancers you'll find at Rachel's List:

  • Journalists, reporters, feature writers
  • Lifestyle writers, travel & fashion journalists
  • Business and finance writers
  • Sports writers and reporters
  • Tech and IT journalists
  • Broadcast and investigative journalism
  • Sub-editors with print and digital experience
  • Magazine designers and art directors
  • Sub-editors, who fact-check and copy-fit layouts
  • Sales consultants and marketing staff

Frequently asked questions about hiring a journalist

How does a journalist differ from a copywriter?

The media and journalism industry has dramatically changed in the past 10 years. Publications have moved online and there are many quality digital platforms that have also entered this space. Journalists too have had to adapt. Many have easily transferred their excellent research and writing skills to suit digital platforms. Others have upskilled in SEO and content marketing. There is a lot of crossover between the roles of journalist and copywriter. For us, we like to think of a copywriter as someone skilled at writing content that ultimately sells an idea, service and product. A journalist is more about story-telling and long-form, feature writing which can include lifestyle writing, interviews, travel pieces, investigative reporting or even corporate white-paper writing.

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