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Copywriters and SEO writers

Clear, compelling copy for your magazine or website

A copywriter can give your brand polish, help your website convert, boost your traffic – and so much more. You may just need a generalist copywriter, or a writer with specialist skills in SEO, B2B, direct response or UX (user experience). Industry-specific writers, such as technical or medical copywriters, are also common.

Some copywriters have agency experience and others are journalists who have re-trained as copywriters. Either way, you’re likely to find a mixture of backgrounds and expertise. A good copywriter may be hired to write anything from sales or marketing copy to ads to taglines – or fresh copy for a website.

Here are just a few things you can hire a copywriter for:

  • Blog posts, lead magnets, case studies, SEO copy
  • Microcopy (website captions, buttons, error pages)
  • Website copy, landing and sales pages
  • Launch campaigns and special offers
  • Email automations to nurture the customer journey
  • Email campaigns designed to prompt conversions
  • White papers, industry reports, thought leadership
  • Slogans and taglines
  • Podcast and video scripts
  • Product descriptions
  • Social media bios, posts and campaigns
  • Sponsored social ads & Google Adwords
  • Television commercials & audio scripting

Hiring a copywriter - FAQs

What can I expect to pay a copywriter?

Rates vary quite a bit depending on the skill and experience of the copywriter you’re hiring and some may charge hourly rates or a fixed price for the entire job (worked out on the scope of the project). Junior copywriters charge from $50 an hour. Expect to pay anywhere between $80 and $120 an hour for a mid-level copywriter. For senior or more specialised UX or SEO copywriters the going rates are higher.

What is UX copywriting?

UX stands for ‘user experience’ and it is the interaction and conversation your website or online content has with a user. A UX copywriter’s expertise is writing online content with the user in mind (and hopefully your ideal client) rather than the business. A UX copywriter is proficient at writing copy, captions, headlines and call to actions which delight the user.

Do all copywriters understand and supply SEO metadata?

It depends. Some copywriters can insert keywords into copy that are supplied by the client (if you've had a previous keyword audit done). Others will happily fill out a template that includes their copy plus all the metadata required, such as title text, header tag (h1 and h2) and meta description. Although some SEO copywriters will conduct keyword audits for clients AND write the copy, others may suggest you outsource this to an SEO specialist or digital marketer who could strategise and identify keywords for you.

Do copywriters only work in agencies or can I hire a freelancer for my business?

Many copywriters have a background in agencies, working on ad campaigns, writing slogans and scripts and working alongside art directors. Other copywriters may have started out in a different industry, such as marketing, teaching or journalism, and retrained to work as freelance copywriters, often in a specific niche. Freelance copywriters are in high demand, and are used to taking on one-off projects or ongoing freelance work. We often see copywriter ads on Rachel’s List for varied projects including presentations, LinkedIn messaging, website, landing pages, product launches. Industries include food, finance, business, pets, homewares and events. Whatever your business’ unique selling point is, there is a copywriter for you.

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